The Best Way To Master FIFA 21

The Best Way To Master FIFA 21

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FIFA is one of the hardest games to be consistent at, especially at the professional level. This is why, when Donnovan “Tekkz” Hunt pulled up to the FIFA scene and won multiple tournaments in a row, we knew we had to partner up with him to teach the world his unique game style because his consistency was unlike anything we’d ever seen.

We were able to create a comprehensive FIFA course with Tekkz for FIFA 20, where he dived deep into his aggressive tactical philosophy as well as his mentality going into games at the pro level.

We received a ton of positive responses from FIFA players who started getting better results in the Weekend League after studying the course.



We were also able to help lots of players to take their game to the next level on FIFA 20 by partnering up with Boras Legend to release another course aimed at teaching FIFA’s fundamentals.

Seeing so many players take their game to the next level with our courses lit a fire in us.

After all, as a competitive gamer watching your skill level rise is one of the most satisfying feelings ever, and following the release of FIFA 21 we want to give this feeling to as many FIFA players as we possibly can.

On that note, we’ve opted to take things a step further than just creating courses.

Going into FIFA 21, we’re launching a brand new FIFA Supreme Membership platform designed to help you sharpen your skills and improve all areas of your game through a personalized learning experience.

The FIFA Supreme Membership is a subscription-based platform that will get you;

  • Access to a close-knit community of FIFA players from around the world
  • Monthly live group sessions where you can receive advice directly from pro players
  • Detailed analysis of your games from world-class FIFA players
  • Monthly Giveaways
  • Early Access to our upcoming courses
  • Daily Videos with tips and tricks

So if you’re a FIFA player who would like to improve any area of your gameplay going into FIFA 21 then you will benefit a lot from joining our membership platform.

Find out more details about our FIFA Supreme Membership here.


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