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Starting the year in style, we are proud to announce the greatest FIFA acquisition possible and we’re happy to present you guys with the most hyped player in the scene for the past 2 years. Welcome 2020, Welcome Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt, undeniably the best FIFA player in the world at the moment. Welcome to GamerzClass!

Following the great success of our BorasLegend course, we’ve been moving forward to secure even more amazing talent. At GamerzClass, we truly believe that if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best and so, we’ve managed to partner up with Fnatic on this one and decided to build a course with Tekkz.

The production will take place in January at the Fnatic HQ in London and we hope to be able to release the entire coarse by the end of February. We intend on making this our best FIFA course to date and hope to provide as much value as possible to help you guys get better and stomp your friends at this game. Just as our previous courses we’re going to cover the best moves, how to build up a crazy offense, how to play relentlessly aggressive and of course, it wouldn’t be a GamerzClass without demo analysis and different techniques on how to improve.

The young 18-year-old has already won 5 FUT Champion Cups in the span of 2 years making him one of the top names in FIFA esports so it only felt natural to bring him on the GamerzClass coaching squad.

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