Iceiceice DOTA announcement

iceiceice Announcement

GamerzClass Dota 2

When we said 2020 will be an insane year for GamerzClass about 2 months ago, we were dead serious. We intend to work only with the top 100 most influential players of all time and today we back up our words with actions.

It is our utmost pleasure and honor to announce that we will now be expanding our Dota portfolio with another one of the greats. Welcome, Daryl Koh “iceiceice” Pei Xiang to GamerzClass.

IceIceIce is a natural-born talent when it comes to gaming. Playing since he was a little kid, Daryl has been a pro player for as long as the game has existed. Arguably the best player to have never won a TI, he has participated at 8 out of 9 internationals and has played the offlane role for multiple top tier teams including the legendary Team DK in 2014, Mineski and now for the beloved orange & black colors of Fnatic.

This course will be produced during the LA Major in the US and is expected to drop several weeks after. While pre-orders are available now, you will probably only be able to get your hands on the lessons somewhere in May.

As for the course itself, we intend on focusing specifically on teaching you how to play position 3 to perfection. For more information about what the course will entail, you can follow the link below.

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