How to reach the Immortal Medal in Dota 2

How to reach the Immortal Medal in Dota 2

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Dota 2 classifies players according to their skill set by badging them with a medal and an MMR. The Dota 2 MMR increases or decreases with every ranked match a player wins or loses. The amount of increment or decrement depends on the player’s companionship. A solo ranked match provides you +30 and takes away 30 as well. However, a party ranked match gives +20 and takes away 20 as well. According to MMR, a ranked medal is provided to each player. This medal starts from the Herald, which are the lowest-ranked players. The medal keeps on growing until Immortal. The Immortal medal is the highest you can achieve in Dota 2.
This medal is further divided into simpler forms. When a player reaches the Divine medal, he/she receives a world-ranking written under the medal as well. For the top 100 players, the medal looks a little different. The medal is the same for the top 10 players in the region.
Multiple players post about their problem in reaching the Immortal level of the game. Most of them get stuck in the Divine or Ancient bracket. However, we have brought some of the simplest in-game methods which can help you improve and reach the Immortal level.

Push the Towers

Dota 2 is an objective-based game. Pushing the towers and conquering the ancient is the drill behind every game. Most of the time, when we are having a good early game, we forget about the towers and force the team fights more and more. This gives a chance to the opponents to farm a bit and give you a tough time. Always stay focused on your objectives in the game. If you are having a fantastic early game, you must start pushing the towers as well. The more towers you take the more map control you gain.
Taking early towers provides you more space to roam around the map. You can plan more smoke-ganks and can farm in more places. Therefore, keeping your objective in mind is the first thing you need to learn in order to increase your medal.

Pick Better Heroes

It doesn’t matter which ranking medal you belong to. Even if you are stuck in a 2k bracket or you belong to a 5k bracket, picking better heroes is a must to perform well. Picking better heroes means that you must look at the enemy picks and try and select the best hero you can play to counter them. If you belong to a high MMR like 5k, you must already know the counters of each hero. Similarly, you must be versatile with your hero pool.
Picking better also includes learning new heroes. In order to perform well in your games, your own pick matters a lot. If your hero pool is large enough that you can counter the enemies easily, then you can give your best shot in each game. Adding more heroes to your hero pool gives you the upper hand in each game. Therefore, picking better heroes is a must to follow to reach the higher medals. If you want to learn more about picking the better heroes, we recommend you start watching our guide on Hero Picking.


Know when to join or leave a team fight

The high MMR games in Dota 2 work differently than the lower ones. In the high MMR games, the pace of the game is extremely high. You might be in the middle of an item to be completed, but your team can force a team fight. In this case, you must know if you are ready to join the team or you should not get into trouble for the moment. In most cases, joining your team is a good answer. The high MMR players expect you to join them when they force a team fight.
Similarly, you should also be aware of the moment you leave the team fight. If you feel that your team should not be taking a team fight where you have a disadvantage, you must warn them before. In other words, hanging your team is not the way you win the games. Therefore, be aware of the situation of your team and decide accordingly if you should take a team fight or not.

Improve your Positioning and Farming

Better positioning wins the team fights. If you learn how to position your hero while you are farming alone in the jungle or you enter a team fight, you have an advantage over all others. If you are farming alone in the jungle and you see a dark mini-map, there are high chances that you might get ganked by the enemies. In such a case, you must know how to position your hero in the jungle and should know how to escape. This applies to a team fight as well. If you are carrying the game in a high MMR bracket, you must not be the first to die during a team fight. If you position your hero better, you will know from where to start and how to proceed.
Another big factor to perform well in your games is your farming technique. Improving your farming skills is a big step in the ranked matches. If you know how to farm, even in a bad game, you have better chances to perform than any other. Therefore, positioning and farming are the two pillars of a successful Dota 2 game.


Reaching Immortal rank in Dota 2 is not easy for everyone. Most of the players get stuck in the low MMR brackets and never come out. However, there are plenty of methods to perform better in your games and improve your MMR. We have discussed some of the possible ways that a player can follow and increase his/her MMR. Moreover, there are plenty of other methods as well that you can adapt and perform better in your ranked matches. We would also recommend you to watch more Pro Dota. This will give you insights about a high MMR match and you can learn a lot from there.

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