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RUSH Announcement

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The whole entire team at GamerzClass is very proud to present to you: William “RUSH” Wierzba – The ultimate Entry Fragging Course. Some people enjoy playing the AWP and some people enjoy playing the map, ┬ábut this course is for those who don’t have the patience to wait for their team to come up with a plan.

Currently playing for Complexity Gaming, Rush is one of NA’s finest entry fraggers out there and will teach you exactly how to take control of the early stages of the round so you can be the one dominating the plant sites. With a Major win under his belt, he is one of the most qualified people to make such a course and raises the GamerzClass standard when it comes to our CS:GO talent. He’s been in the competitive scene since 2012 and you can be sure that he knows a thing or two about how to play this game.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning from him as much as we did shooting this one.

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