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Maniac Announcement

GamerzClass CS:GO

We’re very pleased to welcome former Major-playoff participant and CSGO Analyst Mathieu “Maniac” Quiquerez to our coaching portfolio. Maniac has previously played for Titan & Team LDLC but has since then become an analyst at events such as FaceIT, ESL, StarSeries, and Blast Pro Series. You now have the opportunity to learn from one of the experts leading analysts in the scene, for only $5.99/month.

“Throughout my 20 years playing CS, I have successively met persons, mentors, who could understand the game better than I could. They had deciphered codes I hadn’t. They taught me and I became better, wiser, sharper. Ever since I retired, I have wanted to give that back to other people. I am extremely glad that Gamerzclass provided me the opportunity to pass my knowledge and experience on to the next generation of players. It is my hope that you will benefit from it just as I benefitted from others’ wisdom back in the days.”

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