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Jensen online class by GamerzClass Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen


Game Analysis
TL vs. C9
Lane Priority
Power Spikes
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Lesson description

In this episode, Jensen provides an in-depth analysis of Team Liquid’s game against Cloud9 in the LCS. In this game, he plays Akali into Aatrox. They have an excellent composition that wants to snowball, but with some late-game insurance in case their plan doesn’t go to plan. Team Liquid continuously puts pressure on all lanes and slowly but surely plays the map in a way that allows them to get all of the outer towers. When playing Akali, you don’t always need to be doing damage as long as you create the space for your team to be hitting the enemy. Jensen uses the shroud in team fights to buy time and be annoying. In many fights, he doesn’t even do damage. Instead, he puts so much pressure on the enemy that they are afraid to engage and fight. Always having the Shen ult to cover him, he can play more aggressively than normal. He does so to secure himself an early game kill and lead. In the end, they finish the game by baiting baron a couple of times until they manage to force a fight and win the game.

Lesson Plan

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