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Jensen online class by GamerzClass Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen


Game Analysis
G2 vs. FunPlus Pheonix
Team Composition
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Lesson description

In this episode, Jensen takes a look at the World’s finals game, where G2 plays against FPX. G2 has a strong early game comp and is looking to snowball Ryze in the top lane as he counters FPX’s Gangplank. Doinb goes for an early roam at level 4 and ends up getting first blood for his team in the top lane. Caps decide to teleport and assist, but because FunPlus Pheonix has excellent planning, they execute the dive well and don’t get punished. Jensen analyses the play thoroughly and concludes that Pyke had three options in that situation. He could follow through the river, or by using TP, he could push the wave, or lastly, he could coordinate with Elise and do a bot-side play. In hindsight, ganking bot lane would have been probably the best call, but due to FPX’s incredible planning, they manage to come out on top.

Lesson Plan

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