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Jensen online class by GamerzClass Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen


Early game
Laning phase
Syndra vs. Twisted Fate
Jungle Matchups
Mercury Treads
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Lesson description

In this episode, Jensen analyzes a game where he plays Syndra into Twisted Fate. This matchup favors Syndra due to her long-range abilities, poke, and all-in potential. He explains how he controls the wave perfectly in his favor and manages to secure a 17 creep score lead before the first recall timing. By placing a ward on one side of the river, he can always play around it and keep himself safe from ganks. He continually puts pressure on TF and forces him to stay in lane by controlling the creeps. Jensen makes sure that if his enemy wants to back, he doesn’t get to do it for free. Even though he didn’t manage to get a kill or assist, the 17 cs lead he created is equivalent to 1 kill worth of gold, and it’s enough to slowly take over the game with a champion that is so strong early like Syndra.

Lesson Plan

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