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Jensen online class by GamerzClass Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen


Laning Phase
Wave Control
LeBlanc vs. Qiyana
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Lesson description

In this episode, Jensen goes over the early game from Team Liquid’s match against Cloud9. Freezing is a potent tool you can use in the early game to punish heroes that are weak during the first few minutes of the game. It’s especially at this stage that you want to use freezing because later in the game, you will want to push waves and move around the map. He sets up a freeze by doubling up the wave (stacking 1st and 2nd wave) and crashing it into the tower. He looks at his options and decides not to ward, and the cannon wave ends up bouncing back to him. He freezes this and set’s himself up for a significant minion and XP advantage. To break the enemies freeze, you can either ask for help from your jungler or try to pressure the opponent instead while he is freezing.

Lesson Plan

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