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Jensen online class by GamerzClass Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen


Items & Spells
Wave control
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Lesson description

In professional play, there will always be a meta because some heroes are a little bit stronger than others and provide more tools. However, in solo queue, you can make anything work as long as you play the champion well and always push it to the limit. Playing team fights is going to be different depending on what type of champion you play. As a mage, you want to try and stay alive as much as possible to dish out tons of damage. On the other hand, when playing Assassin champions, you want to eliminate their backline and be in and out of the fights. At the moment, dragons have very high priority and you always want to make sure you are ready to fight 45s before it spawns. This means you might have to shove the lane and time your recall and have your tp ready. Make sure you are always aware of timings to hit them and secure yourself an easy objective.

Lesson Plan

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