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You will learn how to take your League of Legends gameplay to the next level. “By far” the best course to learn how to master the ADC role in League of Legends. From the inventor of “Lane Kingdom”, we give you the secrets to bot lane domination. Understand how to win uncarriable games, stomp the enemy bot duo and pick to win. League is much better when you are overfed every game and this course will give you that power. Farm the map, punish all their mistakes, win those 2v3’s and secure your ELO with this 4 hours course. Divided into 21 episodes of pure technique, mastery and game knowledge, Forg1ven gives you the feeling of control back.

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CS breakdown

In this episode, Forg1ven breaks down the meaning of Creep Scoring while analyzing one of his demos. While pushing the waves, Forg1ven always tries to attack the enemy with a shot or two to lower their health pool and apply pressure so they must adjust themselves.

Neutralizing a bad match up

Playing against a stronger setup, level 1-6 are the hardest to face. In this episode, Forg1ven talks about to mitigate losses when playing against a stronger setup.

Utilize a strong laning phase

In this episode, Forg1ven explains how you can utilize a strong laning phase. After a strong laning phase, you can start roaming together with your support towards other lanes.

Some Of The Things You Will Learn

creep scoring

Maximise your CS to build leads and understand when, where and how to farm.

picking phase

Pick champions that make sense and synergise well on botlane or champions that fit the team composition.

wave management

Manage waves to set up different advantages for yourself and your team.

losing matchups

Win match-ups that you are supposed to lose and outclass your opponents.

macro game

Play the game properly after the laning phase is over and bolster your advantage.

pro game analysis

Watch Forg1ven break down vital moments from pro games.

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