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SOAZ online class by GamerzClass Paul "Soaz" Boyer


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Lesson description

Thank you so much for taking this course and following it through to the end! We hope you’ve enjoyed the course and start seeing progress in your gameplay and that the course helps you climb in ranked. We want you to reach your goals and wish you good luck. 
 Remember that improvements will most likely not happen overnight. You have to be willing to put in the practice and effort to get better. Keep asking yourself questions, watch the minimap, and try to have a clear mindset every game. If you followed this course and try to learn something every game, you will improve! 
 Furthermore, League of Legends is an ever0evolving game, and a proper mindset is crucial to improvement. Always try to reset and take breaks after playing for long periods. 
 For any questions regarding this course, please contact us or sOAZ on Twitter.

Lesson Plan

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