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SOAZ online class by GamerzClass Paul "Soaz" Boyer


Jungle Pathing
Wave Management
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Lesson description

In this episode, sOAZ explains different jungle paths on both sides of the map and provides an in-depth analysis of how to play the early game according to your jungler and enemy jungler. 
 There are multiple jungle paths available at the beginning of the game for both friendly and enemy junglers. sOAZ goes through all of them and explains the different scenarios and outcomes. 
 There are no exact timers on when junglers will gank, so you should be warding depending on your wave management and maybe guess where the jungler wants to gank depending on where he starts. 
 During the game, you need to identify what champion the enemy jungler is playing and what path he is taking. You need to guess what time he is going to be on your side of the map and when you should be warding. When the enemy jungler is on your side of the map, you need to ward. Wave management is equally essential, so you don’t end up losing too much.

Lesson Plan

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