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SOAZ online class by GamerzClass Paul "Soaz" Boyer


League of Legends
Laning phase
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Lesson description

Welcome to sOAZ’s GamerzClass! 
 Paul “sOAZ” Boyer has been playing competitive League of Legends ever since its debut more than seven years ago. He started out as a player in aAa, a very famous French organization at the time. He’s attended Worlds 6 times, making it out of groups multiple times and even taking home second place in 2018. 
 As one of the most established western top laners, sOAZ will teach you everything you need to know about League of Legends in this course. Including how to play and improve the laning phase, understanding the jungle and playing along-side your jungle, setting up vision control, learning champions, and understanding trading.  
 This masterclass is perfect for players who want to get a solid understanding of how to play the top lane regardless of the patch, meta, or popular champions.

Lesson Plan

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