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NicoThePico online class by GamerzClass Nicholas "Nicothepico" Korsård


Cham pion Selection
Jungler Differntial
Level Comparison
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Lesson description

In this episode, we’ll walk through the gameplan for an ADC bottom lane. During champion select, think about the speed differential of the junglers and who is the fastest jungle? Doing so will allow you to predict when the enemy jungler is likely to gank you. Think about who is the best at different levels, you or the enemy ADC? Are you a better pusher, or can you fight him head-on? How about the timers? Do you spend too much time leashing your jungler and end up losing experience in your lane? Think about how to reach level two and how much to help your jungler. Try to only push the lane when there’s no risk of being ganked.

Lesson Plan

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