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NicoThePico online class by GamerzClass Nicholas "Nicothepico" Korsård


Back Timing
Time Management
Backing on Normal Wave
Backing on Cannon minion
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Lesson description

In this episode you will be taught how to perfect your back timings. Jungle is a bit different compared to the rest of the roles. Back timings if important in order to not lose your minions wave, to still have control over your lane. Back timing is all about your time management. Pushing your lane out fully without having any opponents in the lane, will create a space for you to back before your opponent will be able to push it back towards your turret, you might still lose a minion or two doing this, but it’s still okay. Backing on the canon minion wave, will increase the time you have to get back into lane, so that you will end up having enough time to pick up the minions again.

Lesson Plan

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