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NicoThePico online class by GamerzClass Nicholas "Nicothepico" Korsård


Advanced Warding
Vision Bug
Ward Placement
Sweeper Range
False Security
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Lesson description

In this episode you will be shown the advanced warding tricks, this involves probably the most advanced warding techniques that are being used in the game. The vision bugs out at certain points, so that it shows the vision range, but that it won’t actually show enemies inside the range, this can catch you off guard, because the vision range gives you a false sense of security. The vision crab in top river, has its vision range longer than the actual circle of the crab itself, even though it seems to be lighting up the baron pit entrance, you’re actually able to sneak into the baron pit, because of the left wall not being a part of this vision range, this does it so that you will be able to do ganks or even grab the baron buff, because the enemies will feel secure.

Lesson Plan

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