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FROGGEN online class by GamerzClass Henrik "Froggen" Hansen


Correct vision
Full builds
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Lesson description

Henrik explains how the late game differs from mid game. Carrying wards will no longer be viable for other people other than the support, due to the fact that people will have full inventory by then; therefore, it’s important to have visual of key spots, so you can no longer just place down wards wherever you want. Being aware of your positioning in late game is a huge factor, and getting caught out is not something you want to do because you will probably get killed very fast. Getting objectives like baron and elder dragon is now very important for you to get a hold of. Focusing your vision around these objectives when you’re about to go for them is an important step in the process to gain control of the objective. Henrik shows some clips from his own gameplay and explains how he tries to make a comeback from being behind in the game. Thinking about how you use your spells is also vital, so be careful of how you time your spells. You don’t want to have a spell on cooldown when you most need it. Now, you want to analyze the losing situation. Are they pushing your base or are they hunting the kills? If they’re hunting the kills, you’re able to play around that fact, and possibly pick people off. And if they are pushing your base, it’s better for you to go back and defend your base to your best ability.

Lesson Plan

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