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FROGGEN online class by GamerzClass Henrik "Froggen" Hansen


Your role
Team fighting
Split pushing
Analyzing your/enemy team
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Lesson description

Henrik talks about what to look out for when it comes to mid game. There are a few different approaches to mid game, such as split pushing and team fighting, and a lot of depends on your champion (team) setup. If you have a good split pushing champion, your entire gameplay will revolve around that person. As a mid-laner, Henrik talks a little bit more about his role on the team. His role is to carry the team into victory and deal as much damage as possible in team fights, looking out at how the opponents engage the fights, whether from a distance or in melee. If you have the assassin role, your focus will mostly be about split pushing and then flanking your enemy. When champion picking takes place, it is important to have an overall idea of how the game is going to play out. You need to figure out their combined strengths and weaknesses and how It’s going to play out in early/mid/late game. Determine if they are more likely to split push or fight as a team. Henrik shows some clips from his own gameplay and explains how he engages and how he uses his spells to keep people at a distance.

Lesson Plan

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