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FROGGEN online class by GamerzClass Henrik "Froggen" Hansen


The effects
Time to work
Vision sweeping
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Lesson description

Henrik starts by explaining what vision control is, how it can affect the game in general, and how it will plan out your next move. Vision control on the map is very practically essential to winning the early game. Gaining vision control will help you plan out your next move and will also make it easier for you to disable your opponent’s wards as well. Henrik shows general spots where to place your wards and the purpose of those wards. Henrik ends with practicing vision control, and that it is every person’s job to buy pink wards in order to establish vision control. The player who plays support on your team will be the one usually carrying around normal wards and maintaining vision control, but it’s up to everyone to counter your opponent’s vision with pink wards.

Lesson Plan

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