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FROGGEN online class by GamerzClass Henrik "Froggen" Hansen


Social life
Personal experience
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Lesson description

Henrik underlines the importance of team dynamics and explains the different roles in League of Legends. Henrik further describes how you can grind your way into a good team — it’s about performing well at the right time and be visual towards other players. Find a mentor. A good way to grind even faster is to find someone who is better than you, follow his footsteps and listen to all his feedback. Be honest with yourself and try to incorporate the things your mentor tries to teach you. The general understanding of a team is that everyone wants the same thing. They want to win, so if one of your teammates makes a mistake, you can be sure they didn’t do it on purpose — they wanted to win just as much as you. Remember these things when you are on a team, as you will have to adapt to the team play environment quickly.

Lesson Plan

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