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FROGGEN online class by GamerzClass Henrik "Froggen" Hansen


Mastering a Champ
1v1 different roles
Fight strategies
Different setups
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Lesson description

Henrik talks about how to master your selected champion. But to do that, it also means that you have to analyze other champions’ strengths and weaknesses. Henrik shows how he goes 1vs1 against different opponents, such as Zed (Assassin), Cassiopeia (Mage) and a game showing how to counter Anivia. Due to the different play styles of Zed and Cassiopeia, Henrik chooses to engage the fights differently. Against Zed, he starts harassing from level one, to try and push his lane as fast as possible. And against a pushing champion like Cassiopeia, Henrik approaches the situation by hanging back so he can kill minions under the tower in order to stay away from damage.

Lesson Plan

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