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FROGGEN online class by GamerzClass Henrik "Froggen" Hansen


Meta champion
Improving your rank
Analyzing games
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Lesson description

Everyone has his favorite champion. The reason why Henrik picked Anivia was because his brother used to play with Anivia. When you pick a champion, you need to play it to perfection, even if it’s a bad matchup. This will hone your skills to play every possible scenario. Carefully watch replays of other good players playing with the champions to see if there is anything that you can learn from them. A good tip is not only to play with your chosen champion but also to play against it. Doing so will broaden your perspective on how to expand your current knowledge. See what items the good players are using, but don’t be afraid to experiment once in a while. You might make a breakthrough. Henrik mostly watches games from the Korean league or LCS. Here he observes which champions the pros are using and If they can be used competitively and if there is a certain champion that everyone is using because this could be a sign of a new meta champion coming up or it could be a meta champion. You can climb the ladders with any champion but it takes hard work and dedication. It is important to find out what works for you; however, you should stick to 1-2 heroes or use the different meta champions and swap around all the time. Finally, pick a champion that you enjoy playing with. Analyzing other players’ games is important and it will help you to become better yourself. Watch streams and tournaments to compare your gameplay to theirs. Are they doing something different compared to you? If they are, then figure out if their way works better. Try to gather as many tips as you can and see if you can incorporate them into your own game.

Lesson Plan

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