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FROGGEN online class by GamerzClass Henrik "Froggen" Hansen


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Lesson description

Henrik was introduced to League of Legends by his older brother; he used to sit behind and watch his brother play. His brother slowly convinced him to switch from playing CSGO to League of Legends. Henrik initially started by just hopping a couple of random teams, but as he began to win more and more tournaments both offline and online, he created his first team called CLG.EU together with Wickd, Snoopeh, Yellowpete an Krepo. CLG.EU was the first team where Henrik really had success, starting to win many different online tournaments, which allowed them to qualify for even bigger offline tournaments. Henrik all of a sudden found himself in a tough position to choose between school or the life of a professional gamer. Henrik chose to pursue his dream of becoming one of the greatest League of Legend players, and it is one of the first sacrifices that Henrik remembers making in his professional career. He remembers one specific moment where he really knew he had made the right call. It is still remembered as one of the most iconic comebacks in the history of eSport, CLG.EU facing Moscow Five back in 2012 at Dreamhack Summer.

Lesson Plan

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