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TEKKZ online class by GamerzClass Donovan "Tekkz" Hunt


Through ball
A / X passes
Y / Δ Passes
1-2 Pass
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Lesson description

There are a lot of different ways for passes to create opportunities. A good way to do this is to use through balls down the line and then back to your center. Tekkz claims that the best way to pass in FIFA 20 to create space to score, is passing from center mid to center mid. The through ball is rather inconsistent, so some of the best passing types are the simple A & Y (or X and Δ) passes down the line and sometimes even 1-2 passes can be quite effective if you have an overload of two on one on one side of the field. If skill moves don’t work, you can resort to more passes and the opposite also stands true. It’s all about mixing things up to become more unpredictable and adapt to the situation.

Lesson Plan

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