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This ultimate FIFA trading class will teach you how to make millions of FUT coins, give you proven trading methods, learn all the secret tips and tricks and give you a headstart in the web app so you run the market better than anyone else.

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10-20-30 Trading Method

the 1-2-3 method is an effective trading method to get great deals, but when you have a higher budget it is not that effective, this is where the 10-20-30 trading method shines.

Mass Bidding

Mass bidding is an efficient method if the supply is going up. You can do this at all budgets to make coins fast.

Market Index

ELYYT teaches you how to read a market index which can help you a lot to better understand when to buy and sell.

Some Of The Things You Will Learn

how to trade 0-200k coins

In this class you'll learn Rash Investing, Silver and Bronze card trading and ways to get coins fast.

how to trade 200k-500k coins

Learn how to multiply your coins after you hit 100K, the 1-2-3 metod and how to 10x your coins with simple steps.

how to trade 500k-1m coins

Learn how to trade with a high budget +500K players and beyond. Learn Tech avion, Thursday Night Flipping and Fluctuation in the market.

learn passive trading

Learn in-depth passive trading methods which requires more time, but is a solid investing strategy.

learn how to read market index

Understand when to buy and sell, 82-85 rated SBC fodder cards and what icons to buy

how to maximize profits

Learn how to maximize your profits on a weekly basis with updated news every week!

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All GamerzClass content is video on demand so we can share the knowledge from pro players across the world and across time zones.

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There is a mobile app for both Android and iOS for our members only, where you can access all our content. You can download it here: iOS & Android

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We recommend you follow your favorite Series or players to get notified when the newest videos are out. Another tip is to “slow-watch”, meaning watch one or two videos and then apply the learnings in-game before moving on to the next video. Finally, we recommend joining our Discord to meet other players and coaches to help you in game.

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You can ask questions on our Discord and the pro players will make a video answering questions from loyal members on a monthly basis.

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We have a community on our Discord and a membership grants access to exclusive channels where you can meet other players and coaches to help you in the game.

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