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BORAS online class by GamerzClass Ivan "Boras" Lapanje


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Lesson description

Thank you so much for taking this course and following it through to the end! We hope you’ve enjoyed the course, start seeing progress in your gameplay, and become a better FIFA player. We want you to reach your goals, and we wish you good luck. 
 Remember, you will not become a pro overnight. It will take time, but always trust the process and be confident. While FIFA 20 is at an early stage, what you’ve learned in this course is a set of transferable skills that will help you no matter how the game changes. 
 Lastly, FIFA 20 is as much of a mental game as it is a video game, so make sure you stay healthy, exercise regularly, and take care of yourself. If you are not feeling well, you will not play well. 
 For questions regarding this course, please feel free to follow the links below:

Lesson Plan

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