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BORAS online class by GamerzClass Ivan "Boras" Lapanje


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Lesson description

In this episode, BorasLegend provides an in-depth overview of how to build up, draft your attack, and make sure you set yourself up in the right position to score. 
 Building up an attack consist of having a plan and creating tempo. Using L1 and L1 while passing to run with one or a maximum of two touches, you’ll create a very high tempo attack and cover a lot of ground on the pitch. 
 Crosses and long shots are not very effective in FIFA 20, so we are looking to get the ball in the box and score from there. Once in the box, keep your calm and proceed with confidence, because uncertainty will most likely lead to a misplay. While it is a good idea to be thinking of the next play in advance, be careful not to telegraph it too much, so you catch the opponent by surprise.

Lesson Plan

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