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BORAS online class by GamerzClass Ivan "Boras" Lapanje


Box Defense
Small movements
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Lesson description

Defending the box is the most challenging part of defending because your opponent is close to scoring. In this episode, BorasLegend explains how to stop an attack when it’s very close to your goal. 
 Staying calm is the key to box defense. Holding down L2 and doing small movements and waiting for your opponent to perform a bad touch is the way to go in these intense situations. 
 Watching his replays in half-speed, Boras breaks down his thought process and explains what to look out for when the opponent is in the box. Being observant and attempting to anticipate the next move will keep you safe from any unwanted goals. You don’t want to gamble in the box, so always wait for them to make a move.

Lesson Plan

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