February 03


Hero Breakdown and Q&A
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Peter “PPD” Dager

Peter "PPD" Dager is an American professional Dota 2 player. He is best known for his time playing for Evil Geniuses, during which he lead his team to win The International 2015. Currently, PPD is representing Sadboys in the 2021 DPC.

PP Mirch

Mircea “Mirch” Staicu

Mirch has been playing Dota 2 since the beginning of the game. He is the Dota expert of GamerzClass and have been interviewing all our pro players to create our Masterclassses. He is an Immortal player and enjoys the game of Dota by following the pro scene.

Mirch & Topson

USP section for this Pro Session

Winner of TI5

Won TI in 2015 as the position 5 and captain of Evil Geniuses.

NA's Greatest Drafter

Known for his deep knowledge and understanding of Dota 2 Heroes.

Mains Position 5

PPD masters a wide variety of heroes including CM, NP, Bane & More.

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