Sabina "Invokergirl"

Sabina "Invokergirl"

Mid Lane
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About Me

6500 MMR and 7000 games on Invoker

Invoker girl is the Dota content expert @gamerzclass - which means that she helps creating content with our pro players. Besides that, she streams on Twitch and occasionally uploads YouTube videos. As a player she has reached 6500 MMR and have more than 7000 games on Invoker being one of the top Invoker players in EU!

My Bio

name Sabina "Invokergirl"
born January 14, 1999 (age 23)
from Azerbaijan
role Content expert

My Achievements

+7000 games on Invoker
+6500 MMR
Top EU Invoker player

Some Of The Things I Teach

Feedback and quality in videos

The daily puzzle