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Have you ever played mid and felt like you simply can't carry the game like you used to? All of that is about to change with Qojqva's mid-lane masterclass. Solve all of your Dota 2 problems with brand new covert tactics designed to raise your MMR and raise your game. GG EZ is going to be your second name.

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Setting up your game

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Laning Mechanics

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Rune Control

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Wave manipulation

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Game Winning Moves

Some Of The Things You Will Learn

laning phase

Master the laning phase from the very first second of the game to minute 10 when laning breaks out.

rune control

Dominate the lane to become an unstoppable force in the river and take complete control.

wave manipulation

Discover how to abuse every single creep wave to create a long-lasting advantage.


Get the most out of your hero and help your team recover or create net worth leads.


Your teleport is probably one of the biggest resources in the first minutes of the game and you need to use it wisely.

game winning moves

Learn how to create simple but effective game-winning moves every match.

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