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N0TAIL online class by GamerzClass Johan "N0Tail" Sundstein

Analysis Of Student Pt. 2

General Mistakes
Relatable Situations
Laning - What Could Be Better?
Better Understanding
Self Improvement
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Lesson description

In this episode, N0tail analyzes a 4,500MMR replay that you can hopefully learn from and relate to in some way. Analyzing a demo from both perspectives is about evaluating the current situation of both teams. Who has a favorable position, and how did they attain it?  It’s a bit harder because we need a full overview to keep an eye on everyone’s situation. But in this scenario, for example, N0tail can conclude the supports didn’t do a good enough job at zoning out the off lanes, which affected the carry players.  Understanding and drawing conclusions is a part of becoming a better player and something that N0tail emphasizes a lot and goes into a lot of detail about often.

Lesson Plan

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