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N0TAIL online class by GamerzClass Johan "N0Tail" Sundstein

Gameplay Analysis Pt. 2

Your Objective
What Could You Have Done Different?
Role Dependent
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Lesson description

In this episode, you will be taught how to analyze and learn from previous demos.  The thought process going through your mind should be: “What did I do, and did it work?” You should analyze yourself as a player rather than your opponents.  Improvement is about self-reflection and questioning your own decisions. “What is your objective?” In N0tail’s scenario, the objective is to take care of Spectre (Ana) and make sure he’s in a position where he can have an impact. Did you do your job, if not, what could you have done differently?  Supporting is not about sacrificing your own game for the carry to thrive, but to get both of you in a situation where you have maximum impact.

Lesson Plan

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