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N0TAIL online class by GamerzClass Johan "N0Tail" Sundstein

Late Game

Good Lvl 20 + 25 Talents
Late Game Plan
Map Control
Play Around Your Strong Heroes
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Lesson description

In this episode, we will focus on the late game and how it’s changed compared to the past.  Fewer games go past 40 minutes, and the average for a long game is around 40-50minutes. The late game has become a lot more unstable due to imbalanced level 25 talents, which makes certain heroes stronger. It’s a lot harder to be in full control at a later stage because more factors are affecting the game later on than there used to be.  Controlling the late game has become more about remaining calm and confident. Simply because opponents are getting stronger, teams are usually scared to make the first move in the late game. As such, coming up with a solid plan and executing first will win you the game in most cases.  In the late game, vision has a massive impact on who has map control because, without vision, you’re more likely to stay in base out of fear of getting jumped.  So maintaining late game vision should be a top priority as it allows you to dictate the map.

Lesson Plan

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