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N0TAIL online class by GamerzClass Johan "N0Tail" Sundstein

Items And Talents

Dota Plus+
Have A Plan
Adapt To Opponents
Items Based On Time
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Lesson description

In this episode, we will focus on items, talents, and spells.  According to N0tail, there is no such thing as one single way of playing. There will always be specific items used in metas, but they are all dependent on picks, enemy items, and the stage of the game. Professional players inspire most of the builds. Whatever is it you’re trying to do you want to have a plan to work towards. This goes for items, talents, and spells. Making the right choices is based on your ability to analyze the game. Dota plus can help you a lot regarding talents, as you can look at «trends» for most used builds based on skill group.

Lesson Plan

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