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N0TAIL online class by GamerzClass Johan "N0Tail" Sundstein


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Lesson description

In this episode, you will be taught about objectives and high ground defense.  The ultimate objective is to destroy the enemy ancient, but there’s a lot of things going on in between. The main objectives during a game are towers, Barracks, and Roshan.  Destroying towers is an essential factor because it allows you to push the lanes, gain more map control, and ultimately get closer to the Barracks and Ancient. Destroying both the Melee & Ranged Barrack in the same lane will trigger Super Creeps. These are upgraded units with more health and damage, which push the lane and require more attention from the enemy team.  If you manage to destroy all of the enemy Barracks, you will trigger Mega Creeps. These are the highest upgrade for creeps and are close to undefendable unless your lineup has a lot of cleaving and self-sustain.  Roshan is the third, but equally, critical factor, as he drops the Aegis. In the new meta, he also drops the new item Aghanim Blessing or the Refresher Shard on his third death.

Lesson Plan

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