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CR1T- online class by GamerzClass Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen

Late Game Position 4

Late Game
Target Priority
Hero Roles
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Lesson description

In the late game, your role won’t change much, but the way you play to have the most impact might change. Most position 4 heroes are not great against heroes with BKB’s, so if you are an initiator, you will still want to be the one jumping first. But, BKB’s are something you have to adjust to. In these situations, you might want to engage to force BKB’s, fall back, and then re-engage. Similarly, in the late game, you have to pay attention to buybacks and keep track of their timings. Heroes without buyback might have a higher priority in the later stages of the game, even if they aren’t targets you would usually go for. Lastly, in this episode Cr1t- goes over some classic late game team fights, and explains how to think about target priority. In the EG vs Team Secret game, he thinks about what heroes can stop his cores and only focuses on them, resulting in a clean and successful team fight.

Lesson Plan

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