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CR1T- online class by GamerzClass Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen

Creating Space

Creating Space
Applying Pressure
Pushing Waves
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Lesson description

In this episode, Cr1t explains the ways you can create space for your cores to farm and hit their timings. Cr1t- shows an example where he sits alone as Lina behind the tower and forces Fighting Panda to commit for two whole minutes before taking the tower. Once it falls, he preemptively repositions to the next objective and repeats the cycle. Meanwhile, his team isn’t taking fights, and all of his cores are farming to hit the 25-minute timing with Terrorblade. In these situations, it is vital to have your team on the same page, so make sure to communicate it to your team in pubs. In the second example, Cr1t- shows how he ramps up the aggression as Earth Spirit. He identifies the enemy core that wants to farm, and he forms a three-person constellation between him, Snapfire (pos 5), and Huskar (mid lane). They keep invading the enemy jungle camps with vision forcing rotations and giving his other two cores free lanes.

Lesson Plan

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