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CR1T- online class by GamerzClass Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen

Team Fighting

Team fighting
Target Selection
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Lesson description

In this episode, Cr1t- breaks down the team fighting aspect of position 4. Teamfighting as a position 4 player comes in many different forms. There are a lot of different things you need to be aware of when doing so. Depending on your hero, team composition, and role, you will have to either initiate, counter initiate, or provide value in team fights. In the first example, Cr1t shows how he plays tiny and needs to farm his dagger before engaging in the fights. Once his dagger is up, he blinks in on their core doom and starts wreaking havoc in the fight. When he plays enchantress, he understands his hero will have more impact if he goes for team fighting items instead of personal items that will increase his damage. Having Meepo on his team, he goes for the pipe of insight to empower his mid laner as much as possible. It is important to analyze your win conditions and figure out what items will provide you and your team the most value. If they have a lot of magic burst, then pipe or glimmer can be great items. Force staff can help save your core from powerful initiation and follow up, while mekansm or guardian greaves can help you or your teammate survive burst heroes.

Lesson Plan

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