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CR1T- online class by GamerzClass Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen

Transitioning Out Of Lane

Post Laning Stage
Gold & Experience
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Lesson description

In this episode, Cr1t- gives a quick overview of what is to come in the upcoming episodes and how you want to think about the mid-game. Transitioning out of lane can be very different depending on how well it went for you. The main idea is to make sure that you have as little downtime as possible between the moment you finish laning and the moment you’re hero becomes active. Most position 4 heroes hit their timing around level 6 or their blink dagger. This means that you want to make sure you aren’t feeding during this window, and you catch up on a lane where your core starts jungling. Another good way of making sure you minimize your downtime is sitting behind your team if you run a fast pace line-up that groups and pushes towers early. This will allow you to get some gold fast and experience if the enemy decides to contest.

Lesson Plan

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