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CR1T- online class by GamerzClass Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen

How To Play Melee Support

Melee Support
Lane Pressure
Earth Spirit
High-Level Replay
Exposing Weak Laners
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Lesson description

In this episode, Cr1t- dives into how to play melee support when you have to stick to one lane, and you can’t roam around as much. In the first example, he plays Earth Spirit and is laning with Zai from Team Secret. Even though their combo is relatively weak, he decides to stick to the lane and help out because he can trust Zai to play well. Cr1t’s advice is to play around the laner you can trust to do things in the game. He starts the game early by rolling out to put a fast ward. This allows him to get a free deward and control the Snapfire. Due to their proper creep management, they hit their levels way faster and abuse vision to get easy kills on Morphling. A crucial aspect of playing melee position 4 is saving your TP and not using it carelessly because when you teleport, you are giving away information. In this example, Cr1t- walks back to base so he can teleport mid and get a kill on Shadow Fiend. In the second example, EG is playing against Team Secret. Cr1t- ‘s Nyx assassin is not able to do much. Here he understands his hero is very strong because he counters OD, but Nyx is a very poor laner. So he waits until TA moves to the jungle to start securing lane XP and hit his timings.

Lesson Plan

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