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CR1T- online class by GamerzClass Andreas "Cr1t-" Nielsen

Playing Ranged Support

Ranged Supports
Lane Pressure
Rubick & Dark Willow
Replay Analysis
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Lesson description

There are very distinct differences when playing ranged or melee supports as position 4. In this episode, Cr1t- explains how to play position 4 as a ranged support effectively. Ranged heroes are, in general, slower than melee ones, and they don’t have powerful initiation tools or any good ways of getting on top of heroes. For this reason, when playing ranged heroes in position 4, your role is mostly to apply pressure in lane and ensure that your position 3 is having a good time. In the first example, he takes a look at a replay where he plays Rubick and completely wins against the enemy troll and oracle combo. Securing ranged creep experience is a must so that he doesn’t mind using fade bolt to ensure that it doesn’t get denied. Manipulating the creep wave close to their tower also allows them to grab one or two kills on Troll Warlord. In the second example, he shows a game from TI9, where he plays Dark Willow against VG. In this game, there isn’t much he can do with his hero to apply pressure, but he is still responsible for making sure S4 has a good lane, so he tp’s bot. His main role is to grant vision of the enemy heroes and keep them in the lane. As soon as Lion rotates, he tells Sand King to come and take the small neutral stack and get him back in the game.

Lesson Plan

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