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RUSH online class by GamerzClass William "Rush" Wierzba


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Lesson description

Thank you so much for taking this course and following it through to the end! We hope you’ve enjoyed the course and start seeing progress in your gameplay and become a better CS:GO player. We want you to reach your goals and wish you good luck. It’s important to have the right attitude. Have a level-head when you’re playing. Don’t be a toxic player, always have the right demeanor. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to work on your attitude. Tell yourself every day that you want to be a good teammate. Improve your skills and your attitude by talking to yourself every day by having the best mindset every time. Becoming a pro takes time. Put your name out there and play in pugs. If you’ve finally made it and playing in front of a crowd, just remember it’s you and the monitor.

Lesson Plan

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