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RUSH online class by GamerzClass William "Rush" Wierzba


Long A
Short B
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Lesson description

In this episode, Rush goes over entry fragging examples on Overpass. He discusses tips, strategies, and communication techniques for an effective game. Before you can do anything, you need to control different parts of the map such as Long A, bathroom, blue, and short B. When clearing to bathroom, always protect the AK. Have the SMG in front. If you’re the SMG, you want to go first. Jump around, help make ground, and support the AK. One of the best ways to take control of A is with an initial flash. Taking A long is a great way to catch them off guard. It’s a great way to take half the map within the first twenty seconds of the round. When taking A and throwing a flash, wait for the flash to pop before crossing the wall. When it comes to your teammates, listen to what they’re calling out. Looking left when taking short B is essential if you’re going through a smoke as they may try to flash as well, and you won’t get blinded. However, once you take short B, then that’s what’s important. It’s important to be fearless, but it’s also important for your teammates to be able to throw good flashes for you. You should always have trust in your teammates. Even if you know you’re getting shot from the side, focus on your kill, as your teammate should pull through for you.

Lesson Plan

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