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RUSH online class by GamerzClass William "Rush" Wierzba


Brown Halls
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Lesson description

In this episode, Rush goes over examples of entry fragging on Train. You will learn effective communication, utility utilization, and angle movement. There is a lot of teamwork involved. There is no stopping when you’re rushing. Gaining ground during pistol rounds is really important. Having your teammates utilize their utilities will ensure easy clearing of mid. Patience is important when waiting to get the jump on your opponent. Having a grenade set down into alley can bait them into thinking you’re going to take alley. You can try to sell it to get a flank on inner. Late round, when the CTs are already set up, it’s risky to try to take mid. It’s important to try to take as much ground as you can in the early round. Going through the smoke is a risky move, but not a lot of players are expecting that move. Don’t overextend, once you’ve taken inner. Don’t try to push your luck when you’re rushing. Trying to go out for more kills in a rush scenario could cost you the round. Making space without using utility is okay, but you’re most likely going to die if you’re going for trade kills. Sometimes it’s worth taking a couple of risks if it means a win in the end. Ladder control is important, but it requires coordination with utilities. Patience and communication are important when entry fragging on Train.

Lesson Plan

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