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RUSH online class by GamerzClass William "Rush" Wierzba


Brick Smoke
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Lesson description

In this episode, Rush talks about how difficult it is to entry frag on Dust 2. Rush analyzes gameplay between the team’s Mousesports and Team Liquid. Once you have control of cat, then you don’t need to worry about continuing. If you get flashed when taking long, have your teammate rush up while you take a step back. It’s important when going to take the pit that there is a smoke in the corner or else you will have to wait. When doing the long run, it’s utilizing your utilities and basically rushing out without looking first. Even if there was someone there, you would be difficult to hit because they would still be obscured. Taking A from Cat takes a bit of coordination with your teammates. It’s important to utilize your utility such as throwing brick smokes and flashes off walls. When doing a long rush with resistance, you should utilize blue bin while trading. As before, keep the pit-smoked so you can have control. When doing a quick B entry, and the team uses a Molotov, move into the fire as its dissipating because the enemy won’t expect that and you will land easy kills. Again, it’s important not to try the same effective move twice as the other team will most likely learn from their mistakes. Rush discusses different mistakes a team can make if they’re not careful. Stick to mechanics, land utilities perfectly, communicate with your teammates and don’t get reckless.

Lesson Plan

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