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RUSH online class by GamerzClass William "Rush" Wierzba


Lower B
Mid B
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Lesson description

In this episode, Rush goes over entry fragging on Dust2 when clearing mid. Rush discusses the different options available, strategies, and utility you need to successfully clear Dust2 in mid. There are not many options available to you if you’re alone. Your best bet is to jiggle yourself around an angle. Jiggling from behind the crates will ensure you’ve cleared the corridor. Once you’ve made your way through the corridor, you’ll need to make sure any enemies to your left are obscured. Throwing a bang against the wall will help you move to another set of crates across to a wall. It’s important when crossing to the wall, that you clear the angle inside the door in case there is an enemy there. The second option requires a little more communication with your teammates. Having them throw a flash between the pole and the wall ensures almost an entire corner is obscured with a flash. This allows you to clear lower B as you did in the first option. One of the most effective ways to clear mid is with a Molotov. Throwing it just above the crack on the wall ensures it covers the angles you need. First at the door, so if the enemy is there, they are gone. If not, stay with option one with the flash. It’s important to use your utilities when clearing mid as they are essential for clearing angles.

Lesson Plan

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