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RUSH online class by GamerzClass William "Rush" Wierzba


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Lesson description

In this episode, Rush goes over entry fragging on Dust2. Rush discusses tips and strategies for throwing different utility. It’s important to start with a smoke and lining up the throw as you’re hitting the first wall. You need to prepare the smoke, hit the first wall, aim at a point just above the first corridor, and throw the smoke above the building. This will ensure the enemy coming from the next building is obscured. Having your flashes ready for the next portion is important. Normally, you want to throw the first flash over in the similar landing spot as the smoke. The second flash goes through the door off the wall as you’re entering. It’s important to try not to get the kill as you’re coming through. You’re basically a distraction so your teammates can come through and get the kills. If you die as you’re entering, your teammates will get stuck and die in a row. Sometimes you’ll need to change things up and this requires communication with a second teammate who can handle the flash after you’re throwing the smoke. You might be in situations where you should take long later instead of at the beginning. Have a teammate ready behind the car with a flash so anyone coming through the corridor will be disoriented. Your role as an entry is to be ready in the corridor. Take the left angle before going right. Having a teammate help you clear other angles. You will need to work with a higher sensitivity to be able to take your angles faster. Trying long solo means you’ll need to get used to jiggling. Get used to what the enemy tends to do. If they normally hit the pit, then don’t angle left, go for the pit kill. A good pit player will know the right spot to sit, so you have a teammate throw a flash over so you can jump in for the kill. If you still have a smoke, then you can throw a corner smoke to obscure any oncoming teammates while you focus on the guy in the pit, but it’s unlikely you’ll have a late game smoke.

Lesson Plan

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